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Vydia Rights and Social Sync Feature Enables Businesses to Better Control Video Assets

A team of video technology specialists from Vydia yesterday announced a new Rights and Social Sync Feature, a tool designed for brands to ensure that they do not waste their ad money or time and energy in creating video ad content only to have them reposted elsewhere online without their knowledge. This new Vydia Rights and Social Sync Feature is primarily aimed at protecting brands and their businesses from exploitation or having their videos run along inappropriate content by sending them a quick notification whenever their video assets are shared on social media, this way they can better protect their brand. From the convenience of their own smartphone, Vydia clients can control their ad inventory, monitor performance and gauge the monetization and usage status of their video content thanks to this new feature.

Video content has taken over online marketing in the recent years with large and small businesses alike using videos to increase conversion rates, engage with customers and ultimately grow. However undue reposting of their video content is a challenge that many businesses are facing. The Vydia feature enables brands to either permit for the video content to be shared or reposted or block their content so others cannot repost it to other platforms.

In a post about the new Rights and Social Sync feature on the official company blog, Vydia’s Marketing Director Jenna Gaudio explains the importance of protecting video assets.

“It’s easy to publish a video on a single platform and forget about it. But you never know what can happen to your video. Whether it’s a silly spontaneous moment or a carefully crafted production, you want to protect it everywhere and you want to benefit from it as much as you can.”